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The story of Dorcel is foremost the story of its founder, Marc Dorcel, a crafty aesthete, perfectionist and committed to beauty and well made. After several setbacks, and without a penny in hand, the drawing enthusiast began selling erotic literature by mail. At the end of the 1960s, he started with the great classics and then published his own anthologies, before moving on to graphic novels. But the censors were watchful, and Marc had to play tag with them, caught between bans and fines. However, he managed to publish the very first French erotic graphic novel in full colour. He then discovers the world of pictures through which he can fully express his perfectionist vision of luxurious eroticism.

In the early 70's, Marc Dorcel moved in Boulevard Magenta, in Paris, and opened his first store named: "La Coupe d'Étoile" where he sold his graphic novels as well as some sextoys. The products not being as elaborate as they are today, their quality did not satisfy him, and their sales therefore remained incidental.

In 1974, as censorship rules started loosening, the entrepreneur moves in new facilities, rue de Sèvres. This is where he would meet a few years later, quite by chance, two VCR repairmen. During a conversation with his new neighbours, an original idea made its way: transposing his glossy paper publications into video.

In 1979, just one year after the appearance of VHS in France, the first pornographic movie produced and directed by Marc Dorcel was released, which was also the very first pornographic movie shot on video.

Success was immediate, Vidéos Marc Dorcel is born.

The significant increase in the number of VCR owners soon linked the French market to American pornographic productions of high-technical standard, shot in 35 mm format. It was the middle of the 1980s when Marc Dorcel, who is not the kind of person to be complacent, packed his bags for Las Vegas. He brought back a few gems that were to please the French audience, but above all, he came back with the strengthened belief that quality and discipline were the key to long-lasting success.

While some competitors are satisfied with mass-producing low-quality films, Marc Dorcel focuses on providing quality and sticking to a certain idea of French-style eroticism by making viewers fantasize in each of his productions. His watchwords are quality, excellence, and beauty. From now on, the success of his movies goes beyond the French borders. Marc Dorcel productions are known and enjoyed in more than 25 countries.

In the middle of the 90s, Marc Dorcel decided to sign his first exclusive contract with an X-rated actress. Laure Sainclair became one of the first true adult movie stars in France and Europe. Meanwhile, the company kept expanding internationally. Henceforward, Marc Dorcel is a provider of fantasies and pleasure in 56 countries in the world, especially through the broadcasting of its movies on television channels, a key factor in the spread of pornography.

The company thrives by focusing on the latest technological innovations, far ahead of the traditional film majors. This is how Marc Dorcel released its first CD-ROM, then its first multilingual DVD and one of the very first VOD platforms in France. At the forefront of new technologies, the company reached success after success. The teams are expanding, partnerships are flourishing, and growth is now permanent.

On the editorial level, Dorcel knows how to keep up to date. In the early 2000s, the company developed its Pornochic series with a new director, Hervé Bodilis. Production budgets soared, as well as sales, especially with the production of blockbusters and other special projects. In 2006, as a leader in the field of VOD, Dorcel launched its first pan-European TV channel. Three years later, the programmes are being broadcast by more than 50 operators throughout Europe. Dorcel works with the most talented and iconic actresses and actors from past and present, both French and foreign. Katsuni, Anna Polina, Anissa Kate, Manuel Ferrara, Rocco Siffredi, Cléa Gaultier, Angela White, Mia Malkova, Adriana Chechik, Emily Willis, and Lana Rhoades are among the stars of Dorcel's commercially successful movies.

Meanwhile, Dorcel further expanded and introduced Dorcelstore, a unique concept of adult entertainment stores focused on high-end sensual well-being. These stores are intended for couples, women, and men of all ages. The atmosphere and the interior design, with its pure but warm feel, have been carefully studied so that everyone can find their pleasure without any embarrassment and give free rein to their fantasies. Lingerie, sextoys, lubricants, games and naughty accessories that are pleasant and accessible: Dorcelstores offer more than 2,500 carefully selected references of fun and sensual items in carefully designed packaging, setting free the desires and fantasies of its customers. Dorcel also offers its own lines of pleasure accessories: sex toys, lingerie, lubricants, and massage oils... all of them are high quality, sophisticated, pleasure-oriented, and accessible to a wide range of people.

In the mid-2000s, Dorcel also launched its magazine in all newsstands and continued to diversify its activities with its first full HD 3D immersive X productions.

Recently, Dorcel released the first-ever softporn conversational intelligence service, on the Dorcel Podcast platform. In the past few years, the company addressed several societal issues that are an essential part of the group's values, such as the protection of minors, protection of personal data, clear pricing and commitments, and the regulation of sextoys in close collaboration with the AFNOR, the French national organization for standardization.

Lately, Dorcel has taken action to promote and finance the first deontological charter for French pornographic productions. This vision and these values are reflected in the brand's communication campaigns, which have won numerous awards, including a Design Award in 2021 for its Pleasure Calendar, granted by LSA Conso.

Dorcel's advertising offers a strong, distinctive storytelling and brand world that leads to the exploration of multiple pleasures. In the span of four decades, Dorcel has come to be a major influence in pleasure for all. Today, operating in more than 75 countries as the go-to brand for chic sexual pleasure, Dorcel empowers everyone to enjoy themselves and their sexuality in a free and positive way. The French company is committed to ethical and responsible adult pleasure. In addition, Dorcel is a leader in the field of sexuality and has a long history of success. Dorcel is now home to over 100 talented people in the fields of production, imaging, design and sales of pleasure accessories, communication, and innovation, all working to develop the expertise, quality and premium positioning of the brand that creates pleasure and fantasy for everyone.