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The brand wishes to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy themselves and to enjoy sex in a free and positive way. Elegant, passionate, extremely sensual, but never vulgar, our brand asserts itself as a creator of pleasure and provider of fantasies. The creative requirements, the meticulous execution, the constant innovation, the mastery of contents and products are the trademark of "Dorcel". A unique and visionary signature for the pleasure of our customers.


French expertise

Both heir and creator, Dorcel has built its expertise and knowledge throughout four decades of existence, advocating acceptance for the greatest number of people. Dorcel is an independent, family-owned French company with recognized skills, which strives to harmoniously combine tradition and innovation to build a generous, ethical, and responsible brand, always seeking to improve its products and services.



Since its early days, Dorcel has relied on innovation to constantly redefine itself and help the entire adult pleasure industry evolve. The brand also stands out in the creation and distribution of its products, in particular with technological, marketing, and editorial innovations such as VOD, concept stores, virtual reality (VR), podcasts and the Pleasure Calendar. Dorcel has been at the cutting edge of technology in pursuit of pleasure ever since its creation.