Perfect evening with a stranger

Duration of the podcast: 8 minutes.

Anaïs Delva

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The lights of the city remind them that they are two strangers who only know each other's skin.

  • It's a perfect evening of June. It’s dusk, and the air has cooled down a bit. She shivers slightly under the leather jacket that covers her floral dress. She couldn't feel any lighter than at this moment. It's been months since she's been waiting to find this feeling of freedom and absolute insouciance, walking alone in the streets, bare legs, and a smile on her face. The winter season has been dull and lengthy. Her body went a little numb, and her senses with it. Her only companion was her secret toy which came to remind her, often under her sheets and sometimes under the shower, that she still had a body, a body that could give her pleasure. But for the last few days, with the
  • appearance of the sun, she feels reborn. Tonight, she had dinner outside with a friend. The sensation of the setting sun on her skin and the slight euphoria she'd gotten from the few glasses of wine she drank had awakened her. She doesn't feel like going to bed at all, even with her toy. So, she walked around the city. When she walked past the movie theater, her eyes fell on a poster. She has vaguely heard about the movie, the screening appears to have started when she spots a tall, dark-haired man walking by, apologizing after brushing against her. She enters behind him in the hall of the theater. He takes a seat and then turns towards her. She liked him instantly. Without a second thought,
  • she takes a ticket as well. She follows him into the projection room, and they sit next to each other in the dark. She isn’t aware of what is happening to her. Yes, she had thought of going to watch this film, but she must admit, it is this beautiful brunet that she followed, as if magnetized. She hardly distinguishes the smile that her stranger addresses to her through the light that returns the screen. She smiles back. Their shoulders brush, then join. She turns around and can smell his neck. The film begins, but they don’t show any interest in the screen. Their hands join and they begin to discover each other. She passes her hand under the T-shirt of the stranger and kisses his lips.
  • Then she lets him discover her skin. She removed her jacket and slightly opened the buttons of her dress. She wears for only underwear a small black thong. The hands of the stranger cross her breasts and linger on her nipples. She slightly sighs. He goes down on her belly then withdraws his hand and comes to lift her dress. When the back-and-forth movement started on her labia and her clitoris, she began to sigh. He then turns to her and puts his hand over her mouth. They are in the back of the room, but it is not completely empty, they must not be heard. They could leave now, but each one knows that the other wants to make this moment last as much as possible...
  • Suddenly, the stranger removes his hands. For a moment, she wonders if he will end it all. He lets a few minutes pass then brings his face closer to hers and signs to her not to make a noise. She then sees him getting down from his seat and standing slowly in front of her. She realized... This time, he removes her thong for good and begins a delicious cunnilingus. She refrains from shouting when she comes, bites her hand, and squeezes the head of the stranger between her thighs. Then, she gets him up and buttons up her dress. In an instant, he understood that she was not going to hold on much longer. She takes his hand and together they leave the room as quietly as possible, then the theater
  • Outside, the lights of the city remind them that they are two strangers who only know each other's skin. Timidly, they give each other their names while walking along the docks. She had often fantasized about this moment with a stranger, but even when she met a few people through dating apps, she never dared to carry out. Maybe it was the chemistry that was immediate between them, maybe it was just the right moment... As they walked by a hotel, she took him inside. Once in the room, she kisses him before moving her mouth along his crotch. She feels his erection, opens his pants, grabs the condom found in the gift box provided by the hotel in their room, and puts it on his penis
  • before dropping a bit of vanilla flavored lubricant and revel in it. This time, it is him who cannot hold back any longer his moans of pleasure. He stops her before the ultimate pleasure and rocks her body on the bed then grabs the handcuffs which were in the box and puts them on her wrists. They laugh together. She lets him again take control and penetrate her. She would never have believed to be able to feel so much pleasure with somebody who does not know anything of her and about whom she does not know anything either. The mysteries of desire or the desire of mystery, perhaps..
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About the artist

Lucas is a professional photographer and music composer, artistic creation is the leitmotiv that drives his daily life.

He has always seen life through the prism of imperfection, authenticity and poetry, and mixes all this in his creations to obtain something pure and raw that keeps the truth or paradoxically, creates a total fantasy. He likes to add a message of authenticity and what he loves most of all, freedom.