Our values

Our values

Dorcel is fully committed to the right, between consenting adults, to enjoy a liberated sexuality, provided it is respectful of everyone and of the law. This is why Dorcel is committed to offering responsible and ethical adult pleasure, by regularly questioning its values to ensure they are always in line with changes in society.


Dorcel is committed to protecting minors by implementing proof of age solutions on all its platforms. Each visitor to these sites is free to choose the verification solution they prefer, such as: verification by bank card, certified third-party verifiers or official documents.
Furthermore, Dorcel actively collaborates with public bodies and relevant associations (child protection associations, ARCOM, ARCEP, etc.).


Dorcel provides its customers with clear sales offers, with no misleading practices, and guarantees respect for privacy and the protection of personal data (with no secondary exploitation) all in complete confidentiality.


Dorcel applies a strict editorial charter defining prohibitions (themes, situations, words, types of behaviour, etc.) which is more stringent than the regulations or laws in force in order to ensure, for all the content it disseminates, respect for all and the representation of positive sexuality. In order to achieve this, dedicated teams are responsible for human verification of each content before validating on-line posting.


In order to establish a secure environment, the protection of artists is a priority. On our productions, no coitus scene may be enacted without the use of a condom. STI/STD tests are mandatory and paid for by the production and must be carried out no more than 14 days before the shooting date of scene X.


For all its productions Dorcel applies the Code of Ethics for X production through its X Production Code, which transparently lists its internal rules. We therefore wish to inform everyone of the conditions to which we are committed on our productions. Beyond its productions, Dorcel undertakes to ensure proper compliance with the fundamental principles of the charter and to ensure they are applied by 100% of its French and foreign suppliers by 2025. In February 2024, more than 39% of partner studios provide and commit to a charter at least equivalent to the Code of Ethics for adult content productions


A trusted third party, known as an intimacy coordinator, is made available to each artist throughout our shoots to provide them with support, advice and listening. This third party is independent of the filming organizer (executive producer). This person ensures strict compliance with the Dorcel production code by all those involved and is responsible for ensuring the comfort, well-being and respect for the consent of the artists, and are personally committed thereto.


In order to create a space conducive to perfectly consensual sexual relations, Dorcel ensures that each artist completes, in conjunction with the intimacy coordinator, a consent form listing the practices they are not willing to perform. This document is co-signed, before each X scene, by the participants in said scene as well as the director to ensure that everyone agrees to respect the limits of the participants.


All practices, filming conditions and remuneration are defined in advance with the artists and are set out in a contract. No situation, practice or participant not defined in the contract may be required by those in involved in the production or the realization. The contract also defines an absolute right of withdrawal for artists.


Dorcel is committed to offering quality products that are increasingly innovative, accessible and safe for our customers. We strive to produce responsibly, respecting both environmental and economic criteria, benefiting the health of our consumers and having a positive impact on our society. It is in this spirit that Dorcel participated in the development of the first ever ISO standard for sex toys, which was released on February 22, 2022. This ISO 3533 standard sets out guidelines for manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of safety for consumers.


Dorcel commissions private, totally independent institutions to carry out a complete audit of its main partners and suppliers of sex toys. These audits scrupulously monitor compliance with European and global standards concerning production processes, the quality of products used, working conditions and environmental impact, in order to encourage sourcing from partners that meet the highest standards.