His master’s voice

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Devoted to the voice of her master and to his pleasure, she has forgotten the rest of the world

  • Since he’d moved to the other side of Europe for work, their relationship had changed. Obviously, they’d learnt to see each other and, above all, touch each other less often. The transition hadn’t been easy. For a couple that had been so fusional and carnal, they now had to make do with video calls, sometimes for weeks on end, until their bodies could mingle once again. These calls quickly became passionate erotic sessions. At first, they would caress themselves in front of the camera, or even sometimes just with audio, until they each came. Quickly, this little routine, as new for them as
  • it was, was no longer enough… So she bought some toys. He loved to see her stick her dildo inside her pussy, and she loved to look him in the eyes, even on video, when she climaxed. Little by little, she realized that his voice turned her on just as much as his body. That voice that she had known for so long, but that she hadn't paid so much attention to. It was so husky and hot. When they had lived together he was rather calm, collected, wild sometimes in bed, but never domineering and impatient. And yet, since he'd been away, his voice had grown more assertive, stronger and his tone
  • more authoritative. "Lick your toy, push it in, take it out". She took a liking to following his desires, which gradually became orders. More and more, he loved this power he had over her sex and her pleasure, even from a distance. She was like his puppet, but a puppet of flesh and blood that he controlled remotely, with one goal: to give her pleasure. Seeing her submit and writhe turned him on even more than his own enjoyment. And she had the feeling that by following his instructions, she had managed to overcome her own limits. It's as if, every time she satisfied him, some of her barriers
  • and fears subsided... Today, she had set the computer up on a small table at the foot of the bed, as she usually did. He’d be able to follow every one of her gestures through the webcam…. Sitting cross-legged, she waits patiently for him to call. She knows the call can start at any time, she is ready. Sometimes, he makes her languish for days on end, simply dressed in a lace bodysuit that he had sent her, an open nightie or some open panties. He loves doing this on the days he has flowers delivered to her. Only he knows at what time the delivery man will arrive and find her in her
  • underwear. Usually, she only has a few seconds to slip on a bathrobe, and when the delivery man leaves, he calls her, more excited than ever. Today he asked her to leave the apartment door ajar. She'd been waiting for hours. More than anything, she loved all those minutes of anguish and excitement. What did he have in store for her today? When she hears the ringtone, she turns on her camera. Without even a hello, he orders her to open the window. It’s not very late, but night has fallen early, as always in winter. She feels a chill run through her as she gets back on the bed. She
  • knows it, and so does he of course, that every sound of pleasure coming from her will echo in the courtyard, and will no doubt be heard by the neighbors. He really knows how to handle her fears and what turns her on ... In recent months, she’d learned to wait not only for his calls, but also for his orders. There was no question of her starting to touch herself unless he’d asked her to do so. Several times, she had yielded, and he’d simply cut off all communication, leaving her terribly frustrated. So she waited wisely, despite the icy air entering the room. He then asked her to look under the bed.
  • She found a small black box there. When had he put it there? And had it actually been him? Surely she’d have noticed it, since his last visit over a month ago… He asks her to open the box. Inside, she finds a black satin mask. "Put it on" he orders. She complies, a little confused. Now, she knows it, all she has is the sound of his voice to guide her while he, from thousands of miles away, can observe and analyze her every move. He asks her to spread her legs, and imagine his tongue all over her skin, before commanding her to suck on her sex toy as she would his erect penis, and then bring it down
  • between her legs, over her lips and clitoris, against her anus, without stopping on any given area. She complies, feeling the desire rise as she does. The window is still open, others can see her, hear her start to sigh with pleasure. She's probably never been so exposed ... When he finally orders to stick one finger, and then two into her vulva, she can't help but let out a little cry of relief. "I forbid you to cum”, he orders, “but I want you to keep fingering yourself". The heat rises more and more, the winter cold is forgotten, as she surrenders completely to the sensations in her body, deprived of
  • vision and now of any sense of modesty. Her brain is no longer in control, her sense of reason gone... she is nothing more than a body destined for pleasure. Suddenly, she feels two hands on her head and an erect cock against her lips. For a moment, she panics. Devoted to her master's voice and his pleasure, she has forgotten the rest of the world, outside noises and the open door. She could struggle and take off her blindfold, but she doesn't. She may be at the mercy of this erect penis and those hands on her hair, but she has blind faith in him, even from afar. "Open your mouth" then she hears. The doubt is dispelled. It's his voice. Her master and her love are there.
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