Tonight, there are three of us

Duration of the experience: 8 minutes

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It all started on a Saturday night like any other.

  • The idea has been brewing in their minds for some time now. It all started while watching adult movies. It's one of their guilty pleasures, one of the little secrets of their relationship. From time to time, they like to watch an X-rated movie. Intertwining bodies, hard scenarios arouse their imagination as much as their bodies. She is delighted to see his pants bulge under his belt, and nothing excites her as much as when he unzips his fly to take out his penis and stroke it. He becomes wild when she slips her hand under her small black lace tanga and starts touching herself under his eyes. Sometimes they keep their eyes riveted to the screen and start to masturbate only
  • in the middle of the film, other times, they won't hold on and miss the last scene, too caught up in their own pleasure, alone or together. Over time, they have sharpened their tastes. When they choose a movie, it is almost always about couples inviting a third player to share their pleasure. It took them a while to put their desire into words. Then one day, she told him she'd like to try. He didn't understand right away. That evening, neither one nor the other had withstood very long before the images. After seeing her come a first time while masturbating, he had penetrated her with passion. She had let him lead the dance until the orgasm. He came inside her, very quickly and she felt the heat slowly
  • dripping from her vagina, as she loves it so much... He was still short of breath when she told him softly: "I want to try." They had discussed it again, calmly. They agreed upon the gender of the person. They both wanted to invite a woman to share their intimacy for an evening. But whom? She had thought of one of her friends, but finally they had said to each other that it would be simpler and more exciting to invite a stranger. So, they decided to try a dating app. On her presentation, Emma had written that she liked to make love with couples. She was small, slender, brunette, and exuded sensuality. They had written to her, always as a couple. They had set the evening.
  • It was today. She would arrive any minute. The apartment was ready. They lit some candles and prepared the glasses. The light was soft and subdued, and on the living room table were some red fruits. Emma rings the doorbell. He checks his reflection in the mirror one last time. His shirt fits him well. She has gone for a black lace dress which emphasizes her generous forms. They hold their breath, a little nervous, already excited. Emma is beautiful, radiant, at ease. The conversation is pleasant. The bubbles help to make the atmosphere warm and sensual. Emma knows that this is a first time for them. So slowly, she approaches her. She compliments her on her outfit and begins to touch her leg.
  • Delicately, Emma moves her hand up under the cloth. Her fingers begin to scrape her lace bodysuit. It is open between the legs; Emma slides a finger, then two. He stares at them, spellbound. He has never found his wife so beautiful. She has already given in to the pleasure and has laid her upper body on the sofa. Emma then puts down her glass and pulls up the dress of her one-night partner. She looks into his eyes and smiles, seeking his approval, before sliding her tongue along his wife's labia. Slowly, she licks them with delicacy before tickling her clitoris. He gets closer and observes his wife's half-closed eyes. She draws it towards her and kisses him.
  • Carried away by these two tongues which think only of her pleasure, she feels herself slowly leaving. Her last restraints of modesty vanished. She moves her hand down to her husband's crotch, unzips his pants, and firmly grabs his penis to jerk him off. Emma leaves her clitoris for a moment to admire this beautiful erect penis. She now licks his testicles, and soon his wife joins her. They share the object of their desire. Each one sucks it in turn while the other nibbles and licks the skin around it. He is under the impression he turned into this blood-filled penis. When he comes back to his senses, it is to revel in the beauty of these two women kissing in front of him and mingling around his genitals.
  • He also wants to taste them, so he kisses them each in turn and prompts them to sit on the edge of the sofa. He begins to lick their feet then goes up on their legs, alternatively. Finally, he savors their intimacy. His wife's is completely shaved, as she likes; Emma's is a little bushier. It has the strawberry taste of the lubricant she put on her lips. The sensation is exquisite. Above him, the two women stare at and caress each other, as if every part of their bodies should be explored. Then, his wife can't stand it anymore. She lifts him up and asks Emma to get down on all fours. She wants to see her husband do her. This yearning in her that he could never have expected before excites him tremendously.
  • He thrusts into Emma's vagina until he is on the verge of ecstasy. His wife lies on her back under the beautiful stranger. She kisses her hungrily as her husband penetrates her. Their bodies continue to mingle so for long minutes. Then he withdraws, a few seconds before the climax. While he catches his breath, his wife and their beautiful guest turn into a languorous 69 which ends when Emma pulls out of her handbag a small black and gold vibrator. She draws it along the clitoris of his wife then pushes it slowly in her vagina. He cannot hold out any longer, gets closer to the two women and finally comes to penetrate the available bottom of his wife
  • while their guest gives herself pleasure with her toy. When his wife feels that he is on the verge of ecstasy, she places herself in front of his sex and enjoys the fruit of her pleasure under the concupiscent eyes of Emma. Their bodies filled with sensations rest a few moments. Then their beautiful guest takes back her cup and gets dressed slowly. As she leaves, she smiles at them, and they stare at her with a tender and complicit look before seeing her disappear into the night.
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About the artist

Noah is a young French-Venezuelan artist currently living and working in Paris. Her personal research focuses on sensuality, gender equality, the acceptance of all bodies and the inclusiveness of all sexualities. Instagram : @_studio_moon