Paris slums are their night playground

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Spend 12 hours in direct contact with a night patrol in the hottest spots of Paris.
When he joins his new brigade, Edouard, a young police inspector, will quickly discover the torrid underbelly of the darkest
and most dangerous parts of the capital. Surrounded by hot policewomen and insatiable prostitutes who are always ready
to make use of their talents, will he be able to resist temptation?
On his very first patrol, Edouard realises that his partner likes to get blow jobs from young Russian prostitutes and take
them doggy style in the woods.
Later in the evening, Edouard will be incapable of saying no to the advances of Vanessa, a 'hostess' who is a deep throat
expert. She can't wait to swallow the young policeman's huge cock until he comes all over her huge breasts.
He has already surrendered to temptation, so why not go all the way? When he meets this pretty and horny mixed-race
beauty, he won't hesitate for a second to fuck her beautiful ass and fill her mouth with his cum.
In the space of one night, Edouard will become a real pervert!