Welcome to the paradise with sexy girls...

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Georgio takes Greta, his new fiancée, and Sylvia, his 19-year-old daughter on holiday to the Caribbean. Each of them will
have numerous encounters and taste the joys of hardcore sex in the open air in this Shangri-La.

Greta will put a stud's enormous manhood between her breasts and take it doggy style under the shade of the coconut

Monica, Sylvia's best friend, prefers to discover the joys of sodomy against the beautiful setting of a waterfall. She loves it
so much that she even gets double penetrated by Georgio and his friend.

As for Sylvia she will experience one of her most intense ever orgasms with a beautiful brunette and a well-endowed man.
In this paradise, everyone gets to satisfy their wildest fantasies in a whirlwind of debauchery.